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What to wear in winter?

On previous post, I’ve written about what to wear while you are at the Alps.
Today, I’m going to explain what to wear and keep you warm while you are sightseeing in the cold weather.
What you are going to wear depends on how cold the climate is but also, men and women are different in this aspect, and usually, women feel colder than men. But suffice to say that when the temperatures drop below zero, both will need to wear 2 layers of clothing.
The essentials are:
– Thermal stocking;
– Thermal underwear/legging (I always wear it throughout the whole winter, but some people don’t need it);
– Regular pants (it depends if you prefer jeans or some other material); *
– Layer 1: thin long-sleeved thermal top (or short sleeve for the not so chilly days)
– Layer 2: warm sweater (wool, fleece, etc.);
– Layer 3: waterproof jacket or a warm coat;
– Waterproof boot (some of them can also be used for the alps, and it’s worthwhile to have a look, and then you don’t need two types of it);
– Glove;
– Hat, beanie;
– Scarf
* If you would like to wear that beautiful but no so warm coat, buy the “Uniqlo ultra light down compact jacket”. As the name suggests the jacket is very light and you can wear it underneath wool coat without feeling bulky but still warm nevertheless.
* Try the merino wool, they are the best to keep the body warm, it’s super lightweight and breathable.
* Avoid cotton fabric because it absorbs sweat and moisture and you will end up wet and cold.
* If you choose to wear jeans, you have to put a thermal legging underneath, because jeans does not keep you warm at all.
Just remember that in December, January, February and March here in Europe is freezing and you have to check because the weather changes from country to country and some of then are colder than others.
If you need more tips or think something is missing from what I’ve written, just let me know! Have a lovely day!
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