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What to see in Triberg, Germany?

Triberg is located in the heart of the beautiful┬áBlack Forest┬á–┬áSchwarzwald┬áin German, in the Schwarzwald-Baar district, south of Baden-W├╝rttemberg.

The Black Forest is an extensive forested mountain area with several rivers passing through it, including the Danube.
In spring, summer and autumn, there are numerous hiking trails and mountain bike routes. In winter, it is an excellent place to practice various types of winter sports.

Triberg Houses

On our route, we passed through Triberg and spent the day strolling around and enjoying the German cuisine that we love so much.
And at the end of the day, we headed to Freiburg im Breisgau, where we spend the night (soon I’ll write about).

Triberg is famous because it has the largest cuckoo clock in the world and it has one of the highest waterfalls in Germany.

I confess that I’m not too fond of the cuckoo clocks’ noise though I admire the craftsmanship. It is fantastic to see all the beautiful work and the incredible details of the clocks.

Triberg Cuckoo Clocks

What to see in Triberg?

Schwarzwaldmuseum or Black Forest Museum presents about the local crafts, like wood carving, cuckoo clock making and the local economy. More info here.

Triberger Wasserf├Ąlle is a Waterfalls with 163 meters (535 feet) and 7 cascades. It was provided to power the country’s first electric street lamps in 1884. I regret not going to see it (we were short of time!). The entrance is at the town centre, on the Hauptstra├če 85.

Eble Uhren-Park, the biggest cuckoo clock in the world is about 2 km from the town centre. If you pay around 2 Euros, you can visit the inside and see the engine. It is also a souvenir shop. Address: Schonachbach 27, 78098

World Biggest cuckoo clock
World Biggest cuckoo clock

3 km from the city centre, is the original biggest cuckoo clock in the world, the Schonach, which in my opinion, is more beautiful than the other one. We stopped there by mistake, as we saw it amidst the houses before we arrived in Triberg and thought it was the other one. Address: Untertalstr. 28

Schonach cuckoo clock
Schonach cuckoo clock

Wallfahrtskirche Maria in der Tanne is an 18th Century baroque church.

House of the 1000 clocks, the name of the store says it all.┬áIn addition to its beautiful facade, inside you will find hundreds of handmade cuckoo clocks. An incredible craft indeed…

House of 1000 Clocks

Bergsee is a small lake just 1 minute from the Church Maria in der Tanne.

And please, don’t forget to stop in a coffee shop and try the delicious┬áSchwarzw├Ąlder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Cake). It is a chocolate cake infused with kirschwasser, a clear spirit made from morello cherries and a light whipped cream.

Black Forest Cake

How to get there?

By Car
My friends and I were doing a Eurotrip coming from England, so we drove to Triberg. Needless to say that the roads are in perfect condition and it was a lovely drive coming from Switzerland.
There is plenty of parking in the area.

By train or bus
Several cities in German have a connection to Triberg. The best way is to check the Deutsche Bahn website: https://www.bahn.com/en/view/index.shtml

If you want to travel in Germany by train, there are a few good deals, and you will save a lot of money. Just make sure that you book as early as possible directly through the website as the prices are relatively high on the day.
You can have a look at the website mentioned above and see which is the most suitable deal for you.

Triberg, Black Forest, Germany

We, from Santa Catarina – Brazil, have a huge German influence and my friend and I are big fans of the traditional German parties in the state, like Oktoberfest, Schlachtfest, Sch├╝tzenfest, Festa Pomerana and many more. Thus we were delighted to visit the Black Forest and later, going to the astounding “Cannstatter Volksfest”, in Stuttgart.

I hope you enjoy your trip to Triberg and the Black Forest and if you have any questions, please comment it below or send me an e-mail at info@butterandfly.net.

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