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What to see in Salzburg? Part 1

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is a small town but one of the most recognised in Austria, after Vienna, of course.
The little footpaths and the beautiful shop’s signs make the town charming and welcoming.
The store’s signs are made of iron and some are even gold clad. They say they originated in the Middle Ages when many people did not know how to read and a symbolic language was necessary for communication.
And to remember that Mozart lived there makes this town even more special.

It depends on what you want to visit, but in a couple of days, you can have a good look at this lovely town.
I’ve made a brief summary of the tourist attractions in Salzburg so you can have an idea on what to see.

Festung Hohensalzburg is a medieval fortress on the top of the hill, and it is one of the most preserved in Central Europe. You can take a funicular to go up, or you can walk for about 10-15 minutes up the hill. The funicular entrance is near the city’s cathedral on the Festungsgasse.
Prices: Adult €16.30 (all inclusive) or buy online for €15.70 (all inclusive).

Festung Hohensalzburg, Salzburg, Austria

Liebesgrotte it is said that is a cave of eternal love. Legend has it that couples who kiss there will love each other forever.

Mönchsberg: lift that leads to the lookout and you have a panoramic view of the city. It is also the Museum der Moderne (Museum of Modern Art).
Price: Adults €2.50 (ascent or descent ) or €3.80 (ascent and descent).
TIP: there is a footpath that you can take from the museum to the fortress. It’s about 15 minutes walk.

Dom zu Salzburg: a baroque cathedral in the heart of Salzburg. The entrance is free, but for a better view, it is required to buy a ticket for Residenz, the palace that is connected with the cathedral.

Dom zu Salzburg Cathedral, Austria

Residenz: it was the official residence of the prince-archbishops of Salzburg, and later on it was a concert house, where even Mozart had played. Nowadays the Residenz is a well-known museum.

Residenz, Salzburg, Austria

Mozartplatz is where the statue of Mozart is located right in the heart of Salzburg’s Old City.

Mozartplatz, Salzburg, Austria

Mozarts Geburtshaus: where Mozart was born and nowadays is a museum. Prices: Adult: €11, Children (6-14 years of age) €3.50. Or €18 for both the Geburtshaus and the  Wohnhaus.

Mozarts Geburtshaus, Salzburg, Austria

Mozart Wohnhaus or Tanzmeisterhaus: where he lived with his family from 1773 until 1787. Prices: Adult €11, children (6-14 years of age) €3.50. Or €18 for both the Geburtshaus and the  Wohnhaus.

Mozart Wohnhaus, Salzburg, Austria

My next post is about more places to visit in Salzburg, some day trips suggestions and some tips about this beautiful city.
Have  lovely day!

Ps: All prices were verified on 12/2019.

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