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What to do in Predazzo, Italian Alps?

Predazzo is a small town located in the Italian alps, more precisely on the gorgeous valley Val di Fiemme, at the province of Trento, North Italy.

Val di Fiemme or Valley of Fiemme is one of the main valleys in the region and it is surrounded by two natural parks and the impressive Dolomites mountain range, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Predazzo is divided into 8 neighbourhoods and has 6 hamlets: Bellamonte, Paneveggio, Mezzavalle, Fol, Coste and Zaluna.

Predazzo, Italy

The lovely city of Predazzo is the most populated in the valley and one of the two main economic centres in the region. In addition, it is very popular with tourists due to its excellent location for winter and summer sports.

In summer, you can practice trekking, mountain biking, hiking and the exciting ‚Äúroller coaster‚ÄĚ Alpine Coaster, one of the most popular attractions in the Dolomites.

The Alpine Coaster is a mountain dry sledge, with a 360 degree rollover loop and reaching up to 40 km/h, but the “driver “has speed control through the brake system. It is located in the Latemar Ski Center, where you arrive via the cable car to Gardon√© (1650m).

In wintertime, Predazzo offers the perfect conditions for winter sports, with some ski slopes in its surroundings. And that is why my friends and I chose to spend 4 nights there.

As we were 4 adults and a baby, we decided to rent a charming flat on Airbnb called “Appartment Lagorai-per-friendly‚ÄĚ.

The location of the flat was perfect, as it was just minutes from the city centre and also, Predazzo is in a great location with easy access to visit the cities and ski slopes nearby, especially if you have a car (our case).

About 2.4 km away from the centre, you can take the ski lift to the Ski Center Latemar (read more here) or the Bellamonte -Alpe Luisa, which is 9km from Predazzo city centre.

Ski Center, Predazzo, Italy
Ski Center Latemar

The village is rich in history, culture and traditions and for the food lovers, it is home of the Pastificio Felicetti, a tasty pasta factory.

In the centre of the village, there are several cafes and restaurants, but I confess that I prefer the charming town of Moena, which is less than 6.1 miles (10km) away.

What to do in Predazzo?

Aside from the old town centre where it is lovely to wander around the numerous ancient houses and buildings decorated with frescoes, you can also see:

Predazzo, Italy

РChiesa Arcipretale dei Santi Filippo e Giacomo is a neogothic church built between 1866 and 1869. Address: Piazza SS. Filippo e Giacomo

РMuseo Geologico delle Dolomiti that offers geological and mineralogical characteristics of this mountainous territory. More info here (in Italian). Address: Piazza SS. Filippo e Giacomo, 1

РMuseo della Scuola Alpina della Guardia di Finanza is the oldest Alpine Military Training School in the world. More info here. Address: Via Fiamme Gialle, 8

РSottosassa is a gorge where you can see little waterfalls of the River Travignolo.

РChiesa di San Nicolò is a cemetery church and dates back to the Sixteenth Century. Address: Via C. Battisti, 4

РParco Paneveggio Pale di San Martino is a Natural Park listed by UNESCO with beautiful views, waterfalls, lake. The park extends over 7 municipalities: including Predazzo. More info here.

– Ski Jumping Stadium, used throughout the World Championships of 1991 and 2003, and nowadays for sports events.

РForte Dossaccio located around 11km from Predazzo, the Austro-Hungarian fortification was meant to be used at World War I.

How to get to Predazzo?

The nearest airport is at Bolzano (around 30 miles – 50km), Verona (106 miles – 171km) or Innsbruck – Austria (101 miles – 162km).

The closest train station to Predazzo is at Ora at around 24 miles (38km) away.
Hence, the best way to reach the area is by car or bus.
Check it ou the bus timetable for the area here: https://www.trentinotrasporti.it/en/travel-with-us/suburban/regione-1

In my opinion, if you have the budget to rent or you can drive with your own car, do it. It is the best way to know the area, to reach the slopes and make the most of your time while visiting the place.

Predazzo, Italy

Day trips from Predazzo

Bellamonte¬†is a¬†small village overlooked by the peaks of Colbric√≤n, Cece, and Pale di San Martino.¬†Set in the meadows are many typical wooden houses, known as “Tabi√† Bellamonte”. It is 6km from Predazzo.

Moena¬†is at the heart of the Dolomites and is the gateway of the Val di Fassa. The little village is charming and deserves a visit. It’s not a ski resort town, although the nearest slopes are only ten minutes away. https://www.moena.it/en

Ziano di Fiemme is an idyllic little village that has a good network of paths for hiking. It is 4.7km from Predazzo.

Panchià is a typical alpine village. Try to see the Ronco-on-the-Avisio Bridge. It is 6.7km from Predazzo.

Tesero is notable for its hand-crafted artistic goods, the furniture industries and the production of sound boxes for pianos and violins. It is 9km from Predazzo.

Vigo di Fassa is a ski tourist centre and features stunning views on the Sella and Marmolada mountains. It is 16.9km from Predazzo.

Castello di Fiemme is a typical village of the Val di Fiemme with ancient construction (III sec. d.c.). It is 18Km from Predazzo.

Molina di Fiemme is a small old village with the roofs of the buildings, made of ceramic-like bricks manufactured in the local brickworks. It is 18Km from Predazzo.

Cavalese¬†is part of the “Maginifica Comunit√† della Val di Fiemme” and a popular holiday resort. It is 13.3km from Predazzo.

Varena is a cute little village and is one of the oldest populated communities in Trentino. The fountains in the town have the best drinking water in the valley.

Well, as you can see, there are a lot of things to do, both in Predazzo and the surrounding area and I hope you have a great holiday and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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