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What to do in Miami?

The best option to make the most of your visit to Miami is to rent a car as the city is big and everything is quite far. Also, you will be able to stop whenever you want it.
As Miami is a destination where the sea and islands are part of everyday’s life, embark on a boat trip through the waters of Biscayne Bay, where you can meet millionaire’s homes and several artists. It is a lovely tour to do it.

Boat Trip Miami, USA Boat Trip Miami, USA

Key Biscayne: is an island at the south of Miami and deserves a ride to go there. You will see a beautiful beach and the sea with buildings in the background.

Key Biscayne, Miami, USA

Bill Baggs Cape: is located at the very end of Key Biscayne and it is a relaxing and lovely beach. There are walking and cycle trails, and it is also home to a famous lighthouse. Address: 1200 Crandon Blvd, Key Biscayne

Bill Baggs, Miami

Lummus Park: located at the South Beach in the Art Deco District. The beach is crystal turquoise water and beautiful palm trees. It is within walking distance of Ocean Drives. The wellness circuit has just been upgraded.

South Beach, Miami, USA

Ocean Drives: is a famous road with loads of restaurants, sidewalk cafes and shops. I can’t believe that I had not taken a single picture of it. But in my defence, it is hectic and quite tricky to get a good angle with so many trees, cars, art deco buildings, people, etc. So, you can guess that it is a place to get to know and you can not leave without walking around there.

Sunny Isles Beach: a beautiful, calm and clear sandy beach and away from the hustle and bustle of the South Beach. Great for families and for those who seek tranquillity. There are loads of restaurants and shops on the main road just across the beach. It is located at the north of the town.

Sunny Isles Beach, Miami, USA

We didn’t go there, but we’ve heard great things about it:
Haulover Beach Park: seafront park and the beach has blue waters, soft sand and plenty of picnic areas. There is a tennis court, golf course and the park regularly hosts kite-making workshops and sells kites. There are beach wheelchairs to rent. It is located in the north of the town.
Crandon Park: is a 2-mile beach and a popular recreation destination as it has picnic areas with tables and the beach is sandy and has calm waters. It is located on the way to the Key Biscayne.
Matheson Hammock Park: this beach is famous for kiteboarding because of calm, shallow waters. It is at the south of Metropolitan Miami.

Just outside Miami:
Fort Lauderdale: it is only 28 miles from Miami and one of the most famous towns around. The beaches are lovely with palm trees and the sea is warm enough to swim at any time of the year. Fort Lauderdale’s beaches are trendy, especially the famous Hollywood Beach. From here you will get on the cruises to the Caribbean.
Hollywood Beach: the celebrities’ favourite beach.
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I hope you have a wonderful time and if you need any more tips, please just send me an e-mail or leave a comment.

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