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West beaches in Zakynthos, Greece

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I think the West beaches are the most famous in Zakynthos and maybe the most beautiful ones on the island, and there is no way I will disagree with that.
I’ve been to quite a few of them and here are some tips on what you can see and where to go.
Shipwreck, Zakynthos, GreeceNavagio or Shipwreck Beach: I’m sure you saw pictures of it and were wondering how can you go there and how to take some amazing photos as well. First of all, I’m glad to say, that the water has this beautiful colour and it is not photoshop at all.
The only way to access the beach is by boat, but there is also a panoramic view from a platform set above it.
To get to the platform, you must follow the signs to Volimes village and nearby will start to show signs to Shipwreck (Navagio). Or if you are coming from the South, follow the signs to Agios Germio Kremnao Monastery.
– After you go to the platform, follow the trails for about 15 minutes and you are going to have a better view of the beach down there. Just bear in mind that it is a quite tricky walking in that rocky trail.
– in the morning there will be no sun and the colours will not be as stunning as later in the day. To go to the beach, go either early morning or in the afternoon (after 15:00), as in the time between the ship tours are all anchor there and the beach will be heavily crowded. If you go there in off-peak times, you may have the beach entirely for yourself.
When I went there, instead of taking the boat tour from Cape Skinari as most people do, I went and picked up from Porto Vromi, because there were fewer people plus the tour was longer.
Shipwreck, Zakynthos, Greece
Shipwreck, Zakynthos, Greece
Boat to Shipwreck, Zakynthos, Greece
Boat to Shipwreck, Zakynthos, Greece

Porto Vromi: two small picturesque bays (Porto Vromi Anafonitria and Porto Vromi Maries) with thick sand and crystal clear waters. The views from the road as you are driving down to Porto Vromi are spectacular, and the beach is worth a visit.
From Porto Vromi Anafonitria, we caught a boat to Shipwreck beach with Golden Star Cruisers: https://goldenstar-shipwreck.com/en/
Porto Vromi, Zakynthos, GreeceTIP: there are two bays at Porto Vromi and to get from one to another, you have to go all the way up (around 5km) to Maries and then follow signs to Anafonitria and go all the way down (as in the picture) or vice-versa. 

Porto Vromi roads, Zakynthos, Greece

Limnionas: one of my favourite beach on the island. There is no beach actually but a bay with very clear and intense blue waters in the middle of the rocks.
Limnionas, Zakynthos, GreeceThere is a restaurant and they have sun loungers chairs to rent, where you will be seated right in front of the bay having a relaxing day. To rent a chair with a small table is very cheap, around 4 euros for the day but you have to consume what they sell. Or, you can stay at the rocks, but it’s not comfortable, of course. It’s best in the morning and early afternoon as later there is less sun on that side.
To get there, you have to pass by Agios Leon village and drive for about 6km in a very narrow and curvy road.

Porto Roxa: near Limnionas and Agios Leon. It is a small bay with crystal clear waters and is a lovely place to swim, but there is no place to lay down as there are only rocks around. There is a diving board from where you can jump in the transparent and refreshing water. Be ready to snorkel! There are no facilities. I have to confess that we couldn’t find this place because there were no signs of it at all when we visited Zakynthos (signs might have improved since then though). 

Kampi: some people say that Porto Schiza has the best sunset on the island! I didn’t see it as I went in the early afternoon, but the scenery to go there is already worth it. The view is just breathtaking! There are a few taverns where you can look at the views while enjoying a glass of wine and delicious food.
Kampi, Zakynthos, GreeceI can say that from this area is where I took my best pictures of the island. And I swear that there is no photoshop in any of these pictures.
I guarantee you that there is no way of getting wrong with any of these places. Just enjoy your lazy days at any of these beaches!
If you want to know more about the island, check my post about the South beaches, North and East.
Have a nice week!
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