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West beaches in Korčula, Croatia

It is not a secret that I’ve felt in love with Croatia since 2006 and the West beaches in Korčula is right at the top of the list of the incredible places this beautiful country has to offer. I’m sure you are going to love it!
Vela Luka is where we decided to stay in the 5 days we were on the island. We chose to stay in a guest house called Luxory D-Rooms, and it was great as it was well located, immaculate plus helpful and friendly owners. As they do not serve breakfast, we found out that at the Korkyra Hotel, they served a buffet at around 8 euros (for non-guests) and you could eat it as much as you want it, so it was worth it.
Vela Luka, Korčula, Croatia The town has several restaurants, a beautiful marina, a street market, some small supermarkets to buy the essentials, a bank, a small square with a playground for the kids and a central pebble and concrete beach called Vranac.
Vela Luka, Korčula, Croatia Vela Luka, Korčula, CroatiaFurthermore, prepare yourself to watch one of the most beautiful and breathtaking sunset to end your day.
Sunset Vela Luka, Korčula, CroatiaTo Get to Vela Luka, you have to take the ferry (as I’ve explained in my previous post), but the town is also connected with the islands of Lastovo and Hvar, with regular ferry and catamaran connections.
Vela Luka, Korčula, CroatiaThe area near Vela Luka is unspoiled, and therefore, several beaches are of pristine natural beauty with stunning beaches with almost no one to be seen. I have to say that in my opinion, it has the most beautiful beaches on the island.
From Vela Luka, if you take the roads leading north, you will find many remarkable beaches.
Vela Luka to Prapatna MapWe stopped at Gradina, and after there, we found this unbelievable bay called Prapatna. Which very quickly become one of my favourite beaches on the entire island.
Gradina, Korčula, Croatia
To reach Prapatna, you have to drive on an unpaved road and park the car at the side of it, as there is no car parking around it, then, you have to go down around 60 steep steps to reach the shore.
At the shore, there is only a small concrete area to stay and there is no facility around, so make sure you have a few essentials with you.
However, if you go towards the south, you will discover Loštura-Poplat and many other little calas and bays.
Vela Luka to LoÅ¡tura MapLoÅ¡tura-Poplat was again between one of my favourites. There is nothing around, apart from two or 3 houses and from what the locals told us, it’s not touristy at all, making the right place if you want to relax and be quiet.
Loštura, Poplat, Korčula, Croatia Loštura, Poplat, Korčula, Croatia Loštura, Poplat, Korčula, Croatia
Proizd is a small and beautiful island. You can walk all around and choose where to bathe, snorkel, etc. To get there, you have to take a taxi boat from Vela Luka, and it takes approximately 30 minutes. There is only one restaurant and is always crowded. I can’t believe we didn’t visit this island! But in my defence, we were doing some family background research, and we spent quite some time in Blato, investigating about it.
Blato is a small village nestled between the hills. The narrow roads, the architecture, churches, the surrounding stone terraces and the lovely line of lime-trees, stretching for more than 1 km at the centre of the town makes it a must visit while on the island.
Numerous pilgrims from all over the world come to pay their respects at the Sanctuary of Blessed Marija Petković, a beatified nun who was a local saint and the founder of the only religious community founded in Croatia (we didn’t visit this church).
Blato, Korčula, Croatia Blato, Korčula, Croatia Blato, Korčula, CroatiaI hope you are excited about Korčula, as much as I am.
Enjoy your time there and if you would like more info about the North and the South of the island, click here and here respectively.
Have a Lovely Day!
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