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The incredible Tokyo

Going to Japan, more precisely to Tokyo, was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had.
The city is incredible in a way that I could never have thought.
In reality, I’ve never imagined that one day I would go there and I can say with 100% certainty that I will (hopefully) go back to visit the countryside (I’ve seen pictures and it looks incredible).
Of course, it was not an easy trip because, apart from the issue of the time zone that counts massively, the language brings one more problem, when you just have no idea how to read the signs.
Getting the tube was an adventure and sometimes we ended up in the wrong places; looking at the menu was practically useless and walking on the streets was getting lost in the middle of a crowd.
We always thought that in Tokyo, because it is a cosmopolitan city, the majority spoke English, but that was not the case. The truth is that few people spoke it and it was a bit difficult to get directions and to get information.
Well, at least that was the experience I’ve had (we were in December 2012) and it may be that nowadays this has already changed (please write if you know anything about this).
The Japanese are super kind and whenever we needed help, even without speaking English, they tried to help us.
But sometimes they sent us in the opposite direction because they did not understand our questions.
But it’s all part of the experience and we had a lot of fun.
Tokyo is impressive with the traditional and contemporary merging in perfect harmony. The gardens are of a beauty without comparison. The people are super helpful and friendly.
I’ve never been in such a clean and organised city. I could not believe what I saw: a gentleman cleaning the rail and the side of the tube escalator. When did you see someone passing a broom on the London Underground, tell me?
HOT TIP: a tip that some friends who lived in Tokyo gave us and that was of absolute value was: if on the map of the tube or if your tour guide says that it is for you to leave at exit 17 of the station, get off at 17, please. If you get out at exit 16 or 18, you will stop somewhere far away from where you’ve wanted.
Remember that Tokyo has “another city” underground and if you get the wrong exit, you will end up in some other building/street and will have to walk miles to get where you’d like. So follow exactly as the map says and exit where indicates it.
Anyway, my purpose here is to give information about the places I’ve visited and that were without a doubt, beautiful and rich in history and charm.
Some tourist attractions I did not have time to visit but I wrote about it anyway because maybe you can visit them. Tell me later!
And do not worry, even though I was there five years ago, I’ve done a lot of research to view if everything I’ve written still fits nowadays and the information is well up to date.
Here you can find out more about the tourist attractions in Tokyo.

Tokyo, Japan

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