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What is the National Trust?

What is the National Trust?

From time to time, I mention here about the National Trust, but what that actually is? The National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty is an independent charity and...

A list of your travel essentials

Hello everybody! All my friends know how organised I am. I always try to have everything planned ahead and with my travellings, it’s not different. When I go somewhere, I’m...

What to wear in winter

What to wear in winter?

On previous post, I’ve written about what to wear while you are at the Alps. Today, I’m going to explain what to wear and keep you warm while you are sightseeing in the cold...

What to wear in the Alps?

What to wear in the alps?

The first time I went to the alps, I had no clue what to wear in the alps. When I arrived at my friend’s house in Switzerland, she was giggling about my poor choice of clothing. The...

How to search for hotels? Butterandfly Tips

How to search for hotels?

Just like researching flights with reasonable values, the search for hotels always causes a bit of stress. After all, it is not easy to fit the dates of the hotels with the same flight...