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Tips for rainy days in Interlaken

St Beatus Caves
St Beatus Caves

As I mentioned in my previous post, for my sadness, even though it was August, it was raining and a bit chilly while we were in Interlaken.

All our plans of enjoying nature, swimming in the lake, walking in the mountains, taking a boat trip and many more were ruined, and we had no idea what to do.

We arrived in Hilterfingen from Kandersteg (read here) in the late afternoon and decided to take a nap waiting for the rain to stop, which did not happen.
So in the evening, we went to Thun town to have dinner and then headed back to our lovely hotel called Bellevue Au Lac.

The next day, we took the bus 21, which has a scenic route by the lake, but truth to be told, we couldn’t see much of it because of the rain.

We went to Interlaken town, and as it was “raining cats and dogs” as they say here in England, we decided to go to the supermarket and buy loads of Cailler chocolate and a few other snacks to bring home.

After the supermarket, as the rain didn’t stop, we took the same bus and went to the lovely Thun Town. When we got there, it was just drizzling, and we could stroll around and do some sightseeing.

Tips for rainy days in Interlaken Thun

When the rain started again, we went to our hotel, took our car and went for a drive through the mountains that surrounds Lake Thun. I actually recommend you to do this, because you have incredible panoramic views.

It was super cool at Lake Thun because we were going up the mountains, with no destination, until the roads had no way out. We did this in several parts of the north side of the lake.

Tips for rainy days in Interlaken - Sigriswil

We stopped at St Beatus Caves and even though the caves where closed, we could go to the top of it and have an impressive view of the lake. Lucky the rain stopped entirely otherwise would be impossible to climb the stairs as it would be too slippery.

In the evening we stayed at our hotel, and the next morning the weather as pleasant: sunny and hot.

But sadly, we needed to leave noon. We drove to Lake Brienz, stopped at the town of the same name, wandered around and then went towards Épernay in France (read more here).

Driving around Interlaken

Thinking about these days and how we didn’t know what to do, I made a list with some tips for rainy days in Interlaken. I had time to make some of these tips and other suggestions I’ve found on the Interlaken Tourismus website, and I thought it would be interesting mentioning to you.

St Beatus caves;
– visit some of the castles: Thun Castle, Schadau Castle, Hünegg Castle, Oberhofen Castle, Spiez Castle, etc;

Oberhofen Castle, Interlaken
Oberhofen Castle

Bernatone Alphornbau is an alphorn museum where artisans create authentic alpine horns;
Funky Chocolate Club: where you will learn how to make chocolate;
Omega Next Level Minigolf is a 3D-black-light miniature golf course;
JungfrauPark: themed pavilions and a 360-degree Panorama Show devoted to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch;
Planet Trail SIRIUS is a planetarium and observatory located in Schwanden ob Sigriswil;

Planet Trail SIRIUS Planetarium

Funland indoor play park;
Spiez Funpark;
River rafting: more info here.
Swiss Woodcarving Museum in Brienz;
Interlaken Bowling;
Trümmelbach Falls (although it is in Lauterbrunnen valley) is better when it is raining or after because the fall is stronger.

Interlaken Rainy Days 1

Some people say that it is nice to do the Cruises in one of the lakes if it is raining, but I have to disagree. The price is relatively high for you not to see the scenery if the rain is too heavy.

I hope you are luckier than me and have a lovely sunny day, but if you weren’t, please don’t be discouraged. Take your rainy coat and walk around and try to enjoy it with these tips for rainy days in Interlaken. Switzerland is always beautiful, no matter what!

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