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The stunning Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Saas-Fee, Switzerland
The first time I went to the Alps, our friends took us for a weekend in Saas-Fee and even though, since then, I’ve been to other places in the Alps, it is still my favourite one.
The place is charming, and the scenery when you go up to the hills are breathtaking. And it is not by mistake that the area is called “Die Perle der Alpen” (The pearl of the Alps).
When we arrived, the first thing that got my attention was the fact that the village is traffic‑free. There are car parks at the entrance of the village and electric taxis and hotel vehicles pick people up.
Saas-Fee, Switzerland Saas-Fee, SwitzerlandSaas-Fee, SwitzerlandTo reach to the top of the hill, there is a cable car to Felskinn, and then an underground funicular speeds through the mountain to Mitelllalin at 3500m, where you can see 4000m peaks surrounding the glacier village.
And to make everything more special, there is the world’s highest revolving restaurant, allowing 360-degree views of the surrounding peaks. It takes one hour to do a single rotation.
The prices at the restaurant are pretty much the same as the prices down the village, making affordable to have a meal in this unbelievable place. Just bear in mind that you are in Switzerland and nothing is cheap.
Saas-Fee, Switzerland Saas-Fee, Switzerland Saas-Fee, SwitzerlandThe resort has a total of 22 lifts and 100km of pistes, therefore it is best suitable for beginners and intermediates skiers.
But if you are no skiing or snowboarding, like me, it is possible to visit the Allalin Ice Pavilion, built deep in the glacier with beautiful ice sculptures, along with information about science and history of the glacier, how the ice was formed, how it changes, etc.
On the next day, we wanted to do “schlitten” (tobogganing), and we took a short lift in Saas-Fee to Hannig. The weather was horrible, it was hard taking pictures and I don’t have many of them.
The toboggan runs for 5 kilometres down to the village, between the trees and it is absolutely amazing.
In Hannig, there is plenty of other activities other than tobogganing, like skiing and snowboarding, snowshoeing, parapenting or walking.
Hannig, Saas-Fee, SwitzerlandWell, as you can see from the pictures, Saas-Fee is so great, so beautiful that deserves you spending a few days there in your next holiday.
Have a lovely time!
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