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The overcrowded Majorca Island, Spain

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I have to confess that I don’t like to give bad reviews about the places I’ve been but I have to say that my holiday in Majorca was my least favourite one.
Don’t get me wrong, Majorca is beautiful and, we can’t go wrong with Spanish food. But in my opinion, is way too crowded (and not clean for that matter).
When we travel, we like to make day trips and get to know around, but in Majorca this means that you are going to be stuck in traffic and “fight” for a place in the sand, depending on what beach you choose to go.
In my sincere opinion, Majorca overrated and the massive tourism around the island has taken the charm and the village feel that it once was.
But, maybe is because we went in August and that is not the best time as it is school holiday in Europe and most people travel this time of the year.
Usually, we try to travel in June or September because it is quieter and cheaper as well but last year August was the only dates we could go.
I stayed on the East side of the island in a village called Sa Coma.
Sa Coma is small and very busy with most people coming from England.
It is a good area if you want to travel around and see other beaches, but for that, you will need a car.
Almost every day we went to 2 or 3 different beaches, and we explored quite a lot on the east side.
My suggestion is to forget about the famous beaches. Take your car and whenever you see the “brown signpost” for a not so famous beach, just go there. Probably it will be not full of tourist, and you will be able to relax and have a lovely time.
Here are some ideas of what you can do and how to plan your days in Majorca if you have just a few days. Bear in mind that I haven’t done all of that and it’s just some ideas.
– One day for the historic centre of Palma and the Castello de Bellver;
– Another day for the Sóller train (from Palma to Sóller);
– one day for Port the Sa Calobra and/or Cala Tuent;
– one for the Cabrera Archipelago, a national park island in the south-east coast and can be visited by boat from Colonia de Sant Jordi;
– one day to go to Cap Formentor, Port de Pollensa and the east villages.
Please let me know if you had the same opinion as I did when you went there and how was your stay in this beautiful (but crowded) island.
You can find about the east side of the island here and here.
And here is more about the north, south and west.

Majorca Map, Spain

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