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Épernay, Capitale du Champagne, France

Épernay, the Capital of Champagne

Épernay is located at the Grand Est Région of France and is called the ‘Capital of Champagne‘, the drink, as Reims is the capital of Champagne, the region. Hence, the best thing to do in...

Loštura - Poplat, Korčula, Croatia

Korčula Island

Some people say that Korčula has some of the best beaches in Croatia and I have to agree that it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to.  With more than 150 miles of coastline, it is...

Colmar, Alsace, France

The charming Colmar in France

Colmar has been on my bucket list for quite a few years, but I’ve never had a chance to visit until this winter. I went there for a weekend, and I can tell you that I wasn’t disappointed...