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JBR Beach, Dubai

The top 10 beaches in Dubai

Besides the high and modern skylines, Dubai offers some fantastic beaches that can not be overlooked. I’ve made a list of the top 10 most known. Choose one and enjoy your day. Jumeirah Public...

Valldemossa, Majorca, Spain

West Majorca

The only place we’ve been to in West Majorca was Valldemossa, but as I had a little list of the areas in case we had time to visit it, I’m posting about it and if there is anything that...

Es Ponta, Majorca, Spain

South and South-East Majorca

Everybody says that the South Majorca is impressive, with beautiful beaches. For us, it was quite far, and we only went to a few of them, and some of it, we tried but the traffic was awful, and we...

Cap Formentor Lighthouse, Majorca, Spain

What to see in North Majorca

I have to confess that we didn’t explore most parts of the North Majorca. As I’ve previously mentioned, the traffic was mad and we decided to stick around the east side. But we visited...

Cala Sa Nau, Majorca, Spain

East beaches in Majorca – Part 2

On my previous post, I’ve described a little bit about the East beaches in Majorca, with a focus on the north ones (from Sa Coma). Today, let’s talk about the ones in the south from Sa...

Cala Agulla, Majorca, Spain

East beaches in Majorca – Part 1

The east side of Majorca is full of beautiful beaches and little villages. As I’ve stayed in Sa Coma, I’ve written about the beaches from that point on. From Sa Coma to the North: Sa Coma...

Cala Millor, Majorca Spain

The overcrowded Majorca Island

I have to confess that I don’t like to give bad reviews about the places I’ve been but I have to say that my holiday in Majorca was my least favourite one. Don’t get me wrong...

What to do in Miami?

The best option to make the most of your visit to Miami is to rent a car as the city is big and everything is quite far. Also, you will be able to stop whenever you want it. As Miami is a destination...