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South beaches in Korčula, Croatia

On my previous post I showed some beautiful beaches on the west side, and today, I will share a little about the South beaches in Korčula.
Gršćica, Korčula, Croatia
The south is a bit more known and developed, especially the beach of Prizba, but several other bays are breathtaking and a must see. Although to visit them, as I said earlier, it’s ideal to have a car because it makes it much more manageable. But, if you are more adventurous, you can cycle or hike.
Here is a selection of places we’ve been at:
Gršćica is a small bay surrounded by houses and lush vegetation. It is a suitable spot for small boats as it is protected from winds. There are only one restaurant and a diving centre.
It’s incredibly beautiful, and it was one of my favourites on the island. Just bear in mind that it’s a rocky and concrete beach which can be uncomfortable if you like to lay down and relax.
Gršćica, Korčula, Croatia Gršćica, Korčula, Croatia

Prižba is the most popular resort in the south of the island. It consists of several smaller bays and two peninsulas: Ratak and Priscapac. At the Ratak peninsula, there is a pebble beach and at Priscapac is a rocky and concrete shore. There are a couple of restaurants, cafes and shops.
Prižba, Korčula, Croatia Prižba, Korčula, CroatiaThis area has a few little islets, like Otocac, Stupa, Crklica, Sridnjak and Vrhovnjak, and it is possible to rent a small boat and explore it by yourself. There are no beaches at these islets, but it is suitable for sunbathing. Sadly, we didn’t go to the little islands. Maybe next time!

Prižba Sunset, Korčula, Croatia

After Prižba and heading towards Brna, we found this beautiful hidden gem called Vinačac. If you blink you miss the road, but it’s really worth it because as it is not well known, there are not many people around. In fact, it was only us when we were there. Again it is a rocky beach, and there is a small area paved.
Vinačac, Korčula, Croatia

Istruga beach is near Brna, and it is unique because of its healing mud, but we didn’t go there.

Brna bay is a cute little town with a lovely beach. We just passed by it and didn’t stop at it.

Zitna Beach is a spectacular bay that has a beautiful, calm, turquoise water. It is located around 10-15 minutes from the little town of Zavalatica, but there is a car park nearby as well. We stopped there to have a look but for some reason, I couldn’t find the pictures.

Bacva Beach is a pebble beach with incredibly blue water and one of the most secluded on the island, though we didn’t visit it.

Pupnatska Luka is a white pebble beach contrasting with astonishingly green water and surrounding trees. The beach has two restaurants, and there is a car parking nearby (around 30 kunas per day). The beach is absolutely stunning and again, one of my favourites.
Since it was September when we went, the beach was practically empty, but from what I know, it gets quite crowded in the summer.
Pupnatska Luka, Korčula, Croatia Pupnatska Luka, Korčula, Croatia Pupnatska Luka, Korčula, Croatia

Orlandusa and Luka Bratinja are a bit difficult to reach as they are further away and you have to go through a dusty road that does not even exist on Google Maps or GPS (we always love this kind of place).
To find them you need to go to the village of Žrnovo – Postrana and follow signs for “Defora” for about 5km.
Defora is a region on the southeastern side of the island which includes countryside as well as the stretch of the coast featuring several secluded beaches and bays.
Orlanduša and Bratinja Luka, Korčula, Croatia
These two are pebble beaches, and the waters are crystalline and of fantastic colour. Both are perfect for snorkelling. Just remember that there are no bars or restaurants in either of them.

Well, these were the beaches we got to visit in the south of the island. I know there are several others, but we had no time for it.
We always like to spend a few hours in each one, enjoy the place, rest, swim, sunbathe and so.
I hope you enjoy your days in Korčula and do not hesitate to tell us or give us your tips, okay?
A big hug!
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