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Tha South and South-East of Majorca, Spain

Everybody says that the South Majorca is impressive, with beautiful beaches.
For us, it was quite far, and we only went to a few of them, and some of it, we tried but the traffic was awful, and we had to give up.
However, I wrote about some of the beaches, even though I didn’t go. The ones with pictures are the ones that I’ve been to.
Cala Mondragó is quite famous around east Majorca but if you decide that the beach is way too busy, next to it, there is Humedal de Ses Font de n’Alis, and it is there we see the path along the sea that leads directly to Playa S’Amarador. To the west extends a smaller beach called Calo des Burgit, within a natural environment surrounded by pines and low cliffs.

S’Amarador is an award-winning white sand beach that is part of the Mondrago National Park. Its relatively isolated and only those with cars or boats can access it. There is a small bar for refreshments.

Santanyi is a small medieval town. The Santanyí Market is held every Wednesday and Saturday in the morning in the heart of the village, all year round. Loads of Germans live there.

Cala Figuera is known locally as “Little Venice”. It is a lovely and quiet place, and it has a beautiful view from the main road.

Cala Llombards is a long and white sand beach framed by pine trees. It was one of my favourites even though it was jam-packed and we had to stay on the side, by the rocks because there was no place in the sand.

Cala Llombards, Majorca, Spain Cala Llombards, Majorca, Spain

Es Pontàs is located between Cala Santanyi and Cala Llombards. It has incredible views and I was glad we went there. You can park the car and walk in the middle of some trees until you find the arch rock with blue water out of this world.
To get there, put the address “Calle de Sa Costa D’En Nofre” on the GPS and go almost to the end of the road. There you can park your car and walk in the middle of some trees, following the signs to the Mirador, until you find the arch stone with wonderful blue watercolour.

Es Ponta, Majorca, Spain Es Ponta, Majorca, Spain

Caló des Moro they said is one of the most beautiful, with blue water tones. Hotspot for tourists. Take your snorkelling kit. There are two caves where the water is frizzing but full of fishes. To get there, you have to walk 15-20 minutes across a rocky path.

Es Caragol to get there park your car at Cap de Ses Salines close to the lighthouse and walk northwest near the seashore for half an hour.

Es Carbó is popular with luxury yachts’ owners and windsurfers. Again, to get there, you have to walk for around 30-40min.

Es Trenc is a stunning beach and possibly the best known on the island. You’d think that you were in the Caribbean and not Mallorca. We tried to go there, but we ended up staying in the car for over 40 minutes and couldn’t get any closer because of the traffic that was stuck.

This is a brief resume of the beaches in the South and Southeast of Majorca. And don’t forget to read my post about the East and North beaches.
I hope you have a lovely holiday!


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