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Should I take my passport with me during the day or not?

This is the question that splits opinions: whether to take the passport during the day or leave it at the hotel?
Well, I will give here, as always, my opinion and what I do.
As I live in England and have a driver’s license that has my address, I use it as an ID card, here and in other countries.
The passport, I always keep in the hotel’s safe lock, even knowing that they are not 100% safe. But, I think that carrying the passport around is even less secure.
By carrying your passport, you can lose your handbag, your backpack, or whatever you’re carrying it. Also, it can get stolen or mugged, and your documents can be taken.
So I have to say that it is a bit safer to leave it at the hotel.
It does not have to be in the secure lock if you don’t want to. You might have some other hiding places that suits you best and that you believe is safer.
I confess that I have, but of course that, for security reasons, I can not include it here.
So, take a copy of your passport with you and leave the original where you are staying.
Some friends have asked me: but what if the police stops me and want the original? Well, you show the copy, and if the original is necessary, they can take you to get it, after all, it is not mandatory to carry it anyway.
Remember you and your belongings safety comes first!
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