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Santo Antônio de Lisboa, Florianópolis

Santo Antônio de Lisboa is one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Florianópolis in Santa Catarina, having been founded in October of 1751 but its colonization actually began around 1698.

Santo Antônio de Lisboa History, Florianópolis, Brazil

The strong Portuguese influence of the Azores in Santa Catarina had started in Santo Antônio de Lisboa, which in addition to the neighbourhood is a district that includes the areas of Sambaqui, Barra de Sambaqui and Cacupé.

Buildings, like churches and mansions in Portuguese style and with Azorean characteristics, are scattered throughout the area, and it is a delight to walk around it.

Santo Antônio de Lisboa, Florianópolis, BrazilAnd from the beach, you will have an incredible panorama, admiring the North Bay, the mainland and the famous Hercilio Luz Bridge.

What to visit?

– The old Customs Office, home where Dom Pedro II stayed while there
Nossa Senhora das Necessidades Church, founded in 1756. Free admission

Igreja Nossa Senhora das Necessidades, Santo Antônio de Lisboa, Florianópolis, Brazil Igreja Nossa Senhora das Necessidades, Santo Antônio de Lisboa, Florianópolis, BrazilPraça Roldão da Rocha Pires where is the first cobbled street of Santa Catarina.

The beach, which is very beautiful but supposed to be not suitable for swimming.

РThe Street Market, or as it is better known, Feirinha de Santo Ant̫nio de Lisboa. There you will find books, clothes, jewellery, handicrafts, paintings and pieces made with billet lace, a technique inherited from the Azores culture.

Street Market, Santo Antônio de Lisboa, Florianópolis, Brazil

Along the harbour, there are several gastronomic options. There are bars and restaurants for all tastes, and several of them have seafood as its main dish, being the oyster the most famous delicacy of the place.
Plus the most enjoyable thing is that several of them have their decks and porches over the beach. Do I need to say anything else?

Because it has so many restaurants located in both Santo Antônio and the neighbourhoods next door, the region ended up known as the Gastronomic Route of the Sunset.
And this name is due to the fact that the area has the most beautiful sunset in Florianópolis.
Too bad that every time I go there, it’s kind of overcast and I can not see this sunset in all its splendour…

Sunset, Santo Antônio de Lisboa, Florianópolis, Brazil Sunset, Santo Antônio de Lisboa, Florianópolis, Brazil

How to get there?

The neighbourhood is about 16km from the centre of the city, and I believe the easiest way is to drive there.

Despite having a well-integrated public transport, the distances between the beaches in Floripa are usually far, and the bus rides can be very time-consuming. Especially in the summer, when the city traffic gets very chaotic.

Some of the bus lines that go there are: 221, 230, 331 and 332 leaving from the city centre.
The executive line (leaving from the centre or vice versa) are 1120 towards Canasvieiras, 1121 towards Ingleses / Santinho, 1122 toward Brava Beach, 1125 toward Rio Vermelho, 1126 toward Cachoeira, 1127 towards Gaivotas and 1128 towards Mozambique.
And this company also does the rides there.

I guess there must be more bus lines that go to Santo Antônio, but I do not want to write here, as it is information that I’m not too sure about it.

Way to Santo Antônio de Lisboa, Florianópolis, Brazil
Way to Santo Antônio de Lisboa from Cacupé

This is it guys, I’m sure you’ll love Santo Antônio de Lisboa and after the tour, do not forget to tell me how it was there, okay?
A big hug!

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