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Oeschinensee, the most beautiful lake I’ve ever seen…

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During my holiday, we had the opportunity to visit Lake Oeschinensee, which is one of Switzerland’s main attractions and even part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

With its emerald blue colour and the mountains surrounding it, the place is stunning, and surely it will take your breath away!

Oeschinensee, Switzerland

The truth is that I’ve booked a hotel in Kandersteg because I actually wanted to visit Lake Blausee and, the little village, besides being near the lake, seemed very cute.

However, as soon as I started my researching for our trip, I found out about this other lake, which in the end turned out to be my favourite.
But if you fancy, why not stay at the hotel right on the lakeshore? Just keep in mind that you will need to take the cable car or walk to the hotel as there is no car parking.

Unfortunately, my camera decided not to cooperate with me on this trip, therefore the photos do not show how the true colours of the location really are. Such a shame!

The lake is about 1,578 meters above sea level and is very remarkable because it is in the middle of the mountains that kind of make a wall behind it.
As when we went it was summer, the waterfalls flow into it, making everything even more surreal.

Oeschinensee, SwitzerlandIn the summer, most people go there to spend the day hiking, barbecuing or having a picnic, swimming and such.
Then in winter for about five months, from December to May more precisely, the lake usually gets frozen and depending on the year it is also possible to ice skate.

How to get there?

To get to the lake, you can take the Gondelbahn cable car from Kandersteg, or if you are into hiking, that takes about 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours walking uphill.
Bear in mind that there are not access for cars, and these should be parked in Kandersteg.

A warm welcome!
A warm welcome!

If you take the cable car, once up at the mountain, you will have a smooth, slightly downhill walk for about 25 minutes.
I saw people with baby strollers and a lot of families with children making the easy trails.
But if you require, there is a shuttle service from the cable car station to the lake and costs about CHF 8 per trip.

For the walk, as soon as you get off the cable car, follow the signs to the lake. But don’t worry, they give you a map along with the cable car ticket, with all possible trails in the immediate vicinity.

Way to OeschinenseeTIP: Instead of following the trail on the right towards Berghaus restaurant, take path 5 or 8, but to the left, where you will enter the forest, and you will reach the Panoramic Restaurant, which has unbelievable views.

View from Panoramic Restaurant
View from Panoramic Restaurant

Once there, you will have more options: we took a very steep descent trail that was not even on the map and went down to the lake. That one is suitable for children but not strollers.
Or if you prefer, you can continue on path 5 and get behind the hotel.

But honestly, the path we took is more beautiful, because when you get to the lake, you take trail 7 or 8 to the right and walk by the lake’s shores, enjoying that striking watercolour.

Oeschinensee, SwitzerlandHowever, if you are more adventurous, there are several other trails, of more difficult levels that should surely have even more amazing panoramic views.

Here on this map, I included the trail we’ve made it:

Oeschinensee Map

What to do there?

Around the lake there are four restaurants/hotels: Berghotel Oeschinensee, Berghaus am Oeschinensee, Panorama Restaurant Zur Sennhütte and Bargbeizli Underbargli.

Views from Berghaus am Oeschinensee, Switzerland
Views from Berghaus am Oeschinensee, Switzerland

There is also a small beach within walking distance of the north coast, which is popular for swimming if you are brave enough to get into the cold water.

And one of the main attractions, next to the upper cable car station, there is a fun 750-meter toboggan run (Rodelbahn in German).

Oeschinensee, Switzerland

– if you like fishing, ask permission in the restaurant;
– You can also rent a boat to enjoy the scenery from a different perspective;
– You can request a picnic basket at Hotel Oeschinensee (until 10:30).

Oeschinensee, Switzerland

Cable Car Values

For the latest price list, just visit their website here.

As I also mentioned in the post about Kandersteg, that maybe your hotel will give you the tickets to get on the cable car for free. Mine has given it, and it was a significant saving.

Values for the toboggan (Rodelbahn)

1-morning ride until 11:30 am – Adults: CHF 4,00 and Children: CHF 3,00
After 11:30 am: Adults: CHF 6,00 and Children: CHF 5,00

5-morning rides until 11:30 am – Adults: CHF 18,00 and Children: CHF 13,00
After 11:30 am – Adults: CHF 27.00 and Children: CHF 22.00

Toboggan, Oeschinensee, Switzerland

Well, as you can see from the pictures, Lake Oeschinensee is terrific, and it was without a doubt one of the most beautiful lakes I have ever been to (the other one is Caumasee).

And how about you? Have you put it in your bucket list yet?
Please tell us about your experience there or if you need more information, just leave a comment.
Have an excellent day!

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