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North of Zakynthos, Greece

Cape Skinari, Zakynthos, Greece
To tell the truth, I didn’t visit many places in the North of Zakynthos. But here are some of the areas most people say that should be unmissable.
Agio Nikolaos: is where most people take the boat to go and visit the Shipwreck beach or the Blue Caves and it is also from here that you can catch the ferry boats to Kefalonia. The harbour is beautiful.
Blue Caves: can be accessed by boat tours leaving from Zakynthos Town, Makris Gialos, Alikes, Alykanas and Agios Nikolaos. If you want to, you can rent a “self-drive” motorboat for the day and sail to the caves and the Shipwreck beach.
The best time to visit the caves is in the morning when the sun lights are strong, forming a magical scenery full of shadows and reflections.
Cape Skinari: has a lovely lighthouse and a restaurant, and you can get a smaller boat to visit the caves as well. Or you can use the stairway near the water and then swim around from there. It’s one of the best spots for snorkelling too.
There is a kiosk at the edge of the water where the “Potamitis Brothers” operate smaller boats to the coastal attractions around the area. The advantages to choosing a boat at Cape Skinari is that you have a short five-minute ride to the blue caves that are just around the corner, and a much shorter trip to Navagio beach, so you reduce your time on board. Also, their smaller boats are great as they go all the way inside the caves.
Cape Skinari, Zakynthos, GreeceCape Skinari, Zakynthos, GreeceI hope you have a wonderful time while you are on the island.
If you need any tips or would like more information about it just send me an e-mail or leave a comment below.
I hope you have a lovely day!
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