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Morretes and Antonina, a hidden gem in South Brazil

The trip to Morretes and Antonina is well known in the region of Paran√°, Brazil.
The towns are charming and are a real historical gem. It seems like the villages have stopped in time!
It does not matter if you go by train or by car as both are extraordinary journeys and you will not be disappointed.
When I went, we were in six people, and we’ve decided it would be cheaper to go by car.
The trip by car is by Estrada da Graciosa (coming from Curitiba) and only this stretch is already worthwhile because you can appreciate nature with it is waterfalls in the Atlantic forest, stop and have a delicious sugar cane juice, etc
The train leaves from Curitiba to Morretes or Paranagu√°, passing by Serra do Mar and many people end up choosing to do it because they say it is incredible.
You can choose whether to go by train and return by bus or return by train. The one-way trip is around 3 to 4 hours. The tip is to do only one train stretch otherwise it is very tiring.
Here is information about the train ride: https://serraverdeexpress.com.br/passeios-de-trem/passeios-de-trem/
When you arrive in Morretes, be sure to try the barreado, a typical dish of the area. Despite the ugly name, it is a delight and prepare yourself to feast on.
Barreado consists of a piece of meat that is cooked for more than 20 hours in a claypan and is served with rice, cassava flour and banana.
As a souvenir, be sure to buy the traditional banana candy or homemade cachaça.
From Morretes to Antonina takes around 20 minutes driving and if you arrived by train probably a van is included in the package and it takes people from Morretes to Antonina. But please check this out to make sure that is the case.
What to do in the villages?
In addition to being almost rolling because you’ve¬†eaten¬†too much¬†barreado, the idea is to walk and enjoy seeing the architecture, craft shops, enjoying the river and knowing a little about the history of our so beautiful Brazil.
I really hope you have time and can appreciate this little treasure in South Brazil. I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed at all. Have fun!!
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