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Have you heard about Lake Caumasee in Switzerland?

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Lake Cauma – Caumasee in German or Lag la Cauma in Romansh – is possibly one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland.

Located near the centre of the beautiful village of Flims, in the middle of a pine forest and at 997 meters above sea level, the lake is impressive with its turquoise-green water, so clear and pure that we can see the bottom. And the island in the middle makes the lake even more charming and unforgettable.

Caumasee view from the funicular platform
View from the funicular platform

In the summer, the water temperature is between 17 and 24 degrees Celsius, being higher than other lakes at the same altitude and very popular with people in the region.

However, the lake is becoming increasingly popular because of social media, and one resident told us they are not very happy about it.

Cauma Lake

To protect and preserve the site, the entrance fee (in summer) was increased, and the number of visitors was limited to 1,700 tickets per day.

We visited in mid-June, and as it was not yet a summer vacation here in Europe, the lake was full but super quiet at the same time.

Lag la Cauma

The lake area is immense and has several “beaches” and secluded bays, where you can spread out your towel, have a picnic and enjoy this incredible place.

According to the lake’s website, legend has it that the Caumasee water is healing and speeds up the healing process – especially for skin, eyes and rheumatic diseases.

Healing or not, the fact is that it is a delight to swim and enjoy an entire summer day looking at such a beautiful landscape. I swear I didn’t want to leave anymore.

Caumasee Lake

There is the option of renting paddle boats, stand-up boards and boats, platforms in the middle of the lake, a beach volleyball court, a playground for children, a restaurant, and a bar/cafe overlooking the lake.

How to get to Caumasee?

By car
Flims is located just 30 minutes from Chur and 1 hour and 45 minutes by car from Zurich.
Access to car parks is well signposted and easy to find. The nearest car parking address is Rudi Dadens 3, 7018 Flims.

However, in summer, the crowd is inevitable! Therefore, try to arrive early to ensure a good parking spot and also a good place to hang around the lake.

By train
Most international train connections will take you to Chur. From there, you catch the PostBus towards Flims, and the trip takes around 30 minutes. See timetables, connections and prices here.

By bus
The nearest bus station is called “Flims Waldhaus Caumasee”, from there it’s a 10-15 minute walk to the lift or another 15 minutes downhill to the turquoise blue Cauma Lake.

How to get to Caumasee


 There are two ways to reach the lake after parking. When you reach a fork, you can walk a little further, about 10 minutes to reach the lake itself, or take the free funicular.
But even if you prefer to go down on foot, be sure to walk to the funicular, where you will have an incredible view of the lake, the island and the pine trees surrounding it.

 As the ticket is only charged at the bottom, it is possible to get to the platform and go down the funicular just by paying for parking.

 Another tip is, if you don’t want to go in and pay for the lake’s facilities, there is a circuit (20-30 minutes) located outside, and you will get free access.

Caumasee, Flims


As I mentioned above, there is a charge to enter the Caumasee, which is open from 8 am to 5 pm.

A long queue can form on sunny and hot days, so it is advisable to buy beforehand through the INSIDE LAAX app or at Ticketshop.
To check the latest prices, just click here.

When purchasing your ticket, you will receive a QR code. Scan it right at the entrance to Lake Cauma and go through the gate.

Lake Caumasee

As you can see, Caumasee is a fantastic place, and I suggest not just going there to take a picture, but to enjoy the day and what nature has to offer.

Also, if you find Caumasee too crowded, you can opt for Crestasee (Lag la Cresta). It is nearby and is usually less crowded compared to Caumasee.

Also, remember that the Flims region is best known and great for winter holidays, with more than 235km of ski slopes and various activities. See more about what to do in Flims in winter here.

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