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The beautiful Keukenhof Park in Netherlands

Keukenhof, NetherlandsIf you are planning a trip to the Netherlands, you should include the beautiful Keukenhof Garden.
Considered one of the largest in the world, with its 32 hectares, 800 varieties of tulips and approximately more than 7 million bulbs, the park delights everyone.
Keukenhof, NetherlandsKeukenhof, NetherlandsKeukenhof, Netherlands The park is well known mainly for the beautiful species of tulips, but apart from them, there are several other flower species such as orchids, hyacinths, roses, daffodils, irises, lilies, etc.
Each year the design of the park has a theme and so it is always different and beautiful!
Keukenhof, NetherlandsKeukenhof, NetherlandsWhen we went there, it was the last opening day of the year and the tulips fields were empty and inside the park, quite a lot of the flowers had already been removed or were dying. Even so, the amount of bloomed flowers were unbelievable.
So, my suggestion is to go between mid-April or early May, as it is no longer cold, the tulip fields are intact and the flower beds in the park are all in full bloom.
Keukenhof, NetherlandsKeukenhof, NetherlandsEvery year the park is open between March and May, changing only the dates, so it is necessary to check on their website in advance.
In 2021 Keukenhof will be open from Saturday March 20 until Sunday May 9.

On their website, they recommend that people visit it on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays or before 10:30 and after 4:00 pm, because it is less busy.

You can get your tickets directly at the ticket office (but remember that can have a long queue at the entrance), buy them online (but check how the weather will be on the day) or buy the package which includes the entrance and transport.

The park is located in Lisse and many people make a day trip from Amsterdam, which is around 30 minutes to the park.
There are excursions or public transport to get to the area. If you go by car, there is ample car parking, and it is well signed to get there.

The walk around the park is lovely, having the flower beds, the lakes, the cafes, the flowers pavillions, and even those who are not so fanatic about flowers, are impressed by the beauty of the place.
Inside it, you can not ride a bicycle, but around the tulip fields, it is allowed and it has specific routes for cycling.

For more information or to purchase the ticket, visit their website: https://keukenhof.nl/en/
Enjoy this amazing park and let us know about your experience there or if you have any tips. Xxx

Keukenhof, Netherlands

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