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Is the Duty-Free worth it?

Whenever someone is travelling from an airport, people are happy because they will pass by Duty-Free and maybe buy something.
I know that buying perfumes, beverage and other things without taxes is very tempting. But is it really worth it? Are the deals that good? Well, in my humble opinion the answer is no, it’s not worth it.
I say this because you will, and I’m almost 100% sure, find stores in the country that you are going to with prices ​​and promotions way more affordable.
Every big city has that little store, pharmacy or even the supermarket which is giving some good discount on some of the products.
I think it’s worth giving proper research, even before the trip, to have a sense of costs of the products that you are interested in.
If you have a friend in this country, ask them, ask for some websites and even if it is in another language, if the goods are of some known brand, the site always has the “search box” where you can insert the name of what you are looking for and you will be able to see the cost of it. Then just change the currency!
If you do not have anyone to ask for help, put it on Google and you will find a website, with no doubt about it.
Then on your way in, pass by and look at the Duty-Free, see the prices ​​and at your return, after having travelled to the country and not having found the product or only found with higher prices, then yes, spend your hard earned money on Duty-Free.
To be honest, I think it’s unlikely you’ll find it cheaper in Duty-Free. I always look, I always research and I still find what I want much cheaper in the destination itself. But, this is me and that does not mean that you won’t find a bargain.
And if you find it, do not forget to tell us, okay?
A big hug and excellent shopping!
Ps: I have to add that if you are coming from Brazil than maybe the spirits, like whisky, vodka, tequila, are worth it to buy in the Duty-Free. I say that because in Brazil that kind of drink is expensive, and you don’t want to carry bottles with you while you are travelling. Therefore, buying in the last leg of your trip makes easier, and you are going to pay less than in Brazil.
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