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Have you been in Frankfurt?

Here in Europe, Frankfurt, in Germany, is mostly known because it is one of the largest financial centres in Europe and people from all over the world go there to work mainly in banking.

Frankfurt, Germany

However, the city is more than just a financial hub.
There you will find the typical architecture, the delicious food and the main thing, German beer!

If you are in a rush and doesn’t have many days, I think in two days you can have a look at the main tourist attractions.
But if you have more time, there are a few museums that you can easily spend several hours visiting, or perhaps you can consider a day-trip.

When I was there, I used public transport, especially the trams (S lines) which I really like it because you can have a look at the city instead of been underground.
A colleague who lives there showed me, and I’ve downloaded the RMV app, so I could plan the journey and see which bus, tube or tram to take it.
Additionally, I know there is the Frankfurt Card, that includes free public transport and a 50% discount on museums and other attractions.

And don’t worry, most people speak English and are very helpful if you need anything, just be aware that most Germans are very straight to the point.

Also, what I’ve done and I enjoyed quite a lot, was the boat trip. Two companies do it, and you can find their kiosk on the side of the Eiserner Steg Bridge (GmbH/Primus-Linie on the left and AG/KD on the right side, at the North part of the river).
We prefer KD that do the tour for 60 minutes and to be honest. I think more than that it can be too long. It costs € 9.60 p.p.

After that, my next post will be about the tourist attractions, how much they cost and many more pieces of information.
I hope you have a lovely day!

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