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Get stunned by the scenery of Glencoe in Scotland

After we left Glenfinnan, we drove around Glencoe, at the South of the Highlands, and it was another place that is a must-see in Scotland.

Glencoe is a deep valley and towering mountains, created by the remains of volcanic action millions of years ago. Nowadays it is a top-rated tourist destination because of its scenic characteristics, wildlife and history.
It is very popular for hillwalkers and climbers. The dramatic beauty is truly amazing!
It has featured in scenes of the Harry Potter movies, Braveheart, Rob Roy and Skyfall. 

Glencoe, Scotland

Unfortunately, as we didn’t have much time, we just pass by a few places, and it is such a shame. But that means that we need to go back there to explore more.
So, I’ve done a map to show you the route we drove by: https://goo.gl/maps/2SAHKHqJPFFGJtHF6

The tip here is instead of passing the A82 motorway, take Glencoe Studio Gallery Street on the stretch between Glencoe Village and Achtriochtan. The scenery is impressive, and it was without a doubt, my favourite place in Glencoe.Map GlencoeGlencoe, Scotland

What to see there?

Glencoe National Nature Reserve is where the Glencoe Massacre happened in 1692. It is part of National Trust for Scotland. Address: PH49 4HX

Coe River Waterfall is located along road A82 between Glencoe and Altnafeadh.

Coe River Waterfall, Glencoe, Scotland Coe River Waterfall, Glencoe, ScotlandStop at the Three Sisters viewpoint and The Meeting of the Three Waters to have a stunning view of the Highlands.

Tree Sisters, Glencoe, Scotland
Three Sisters

Buachaille Etive Mor is one of the most photographed sights in Scotland. It is an iconic mountain at the “entrance” of the Valley.

Buachaille Etive Mor, Glencoe, Scotland Buachaille Etive Mor, Glencoe, ScotlandGlencoe Mountain Resort is the oldest Ski centre between the five that are in Scotland. It’s open all year round, meaning that in the summer you can take the lift chair to have a stunning view of Buachaille Etive Mor, or if you are more adventurous, you can hike, climb and many more activities. And from what we saw, they also have accommodation for hikers/skiers. Address: PH49 4HZ

We didn’t have time, but if you do, you can also go and visit:
Glencoe Lochan is a small lake. There are several different trails around it, and the red one is the easiest. Car park address: PH49 4HT

Glencoe Folk Museum, located in an 18th-century cottage in the middle of Glencoe village, the museum has Jacobite relics, costumes, utensils and weapons from the Glencoe area. Address: PH49 4HS

Of course, there are plenty more things to do, particularly several trails to explore, but as I said, we only had one day there.

How to get there?

You have two options: you can drive or you can go by bus if you are coming from Glasgow.
From Glasgow, the 914, 915 or 916 buses will take you all the way to Glencoe.
Apparently, the day trips from Edinburgh just pass by Glencoe to reach Loch Ness.

TIP: if you are a National Trust Member here in England, you can use it to get access to the places of the Scotland National Trust.

Glencoe, Scotland

At the end of the day, after having a lovely warm (shocking!) day, we were going to Callander and decided to stop at a very charming little town called Killin (read more about it here).
Have a great day!

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