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East and North of Korčula, Croatia

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As I mentioned in my previous post, we stayed on the west side of the island and therefore we did not explore much of the East and North of Korčula Island, Croatia.
Since we only had 5 days, each one was dedicated to one location of the island, and because the East is more developed, in theory, it would have more things to see.
However, as we fancy those more unfamiliar beaches, and we love exploring routes that are barely on the map, we end up preferring and therefore spending more time on the west and south.
The eastern side has several beaches, and we passed by two or three of them to have a look.
Although what I really fell in love with, was Korčula Town.
I believe of all the small seaside towns I’ve been to, Korčula Town is undoubtedly the most beautiful and charming.
Plus, because it was September, the city was lively but not crowded as it is known to be in July and August.
Korčula Town, CroatiaI loved the old medieval part, where at the top of the surrounding walls right at the waterfront, there is a palm-lined street with several restaurants. It is a delight to sit there and watch the flow of people, boats, etc.
Korčula Town, Croatia Korčula Town, Croatia
Other than that, the centre is made up of narrow alleys where cars are not allowed. These stone steps lanes are so cute, and you can go up and down passing through various shops, bars, restaurants…
Korčula Town, Croatia Korčula Town, Croatia

What to see?

– St Mark’s Cathedral, where you can go to the top to have fantastic views of the town.
– Gradski muzej Korčula – Korčula Town Museum
– Marco Polo Museum

Ulica 45, Korčula Town, CroatiaTIP: to take that beautiful picture where you can see the entire old town, go to the road called Ulica 45.


Lumbarda is a little village just six km east of Korčula Town. It has two tranquil bays with sandy beaches.
The largest is Przina, 1 km southeast of the village and the other is Bilin Zal. Both beaches are calm and shallow, making it great for kids, although it tends to be crowded during high season.
Vela Przina, Lumbarda, Korčula, CroatiaThe other beaches in Lumbarda are Beach Tatinja (sandy), Prvi Zal – Lumbarda (sandy), Lučica (Marina), Lenga (rocky)  and Raznjic (rocky).
Lumbarda is also known because of the large grape-growing in the area. Inland, there are acres of vineyards that produce the fabulous white wine Grk.


Črnja Luka is a small and charming sheltered bay.
There we had a lovely afternoon at the Agrotourism Bačić, where we tried their own produced wine and olive oil with cheese, grapes and homemade bread, overlooking the terrific views. 
Črnja Luka, Korčula, Croatia
Črnja Luka, Korčula, Croatia
Kneza – because it’s easily accessible (around 5km from Putna), it tends to be packed in the summer months.
Vaja Bay – Around a 15-minute steep walk down from the nearby fishing village of Racisce.
Račišće is a little village with a couple of restaurants at the seafront and a lovely view of the Pelješac Peninsula.
Near the village, there are the Vaja bay and Samograd bay, both are on a short walking distance from the town and are excellent places to swim and enjoy the tranquillity.
RačišćeWell, I guess that’s everything I had to tell you about the island.
Surely we had marvellous days, and contrary to what many people might think, although yes, the island is small, there is plenty to do and explore.
On my list of places with the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to, there is Zakynthos in Greece, Korčula in Croatia and the Emerald Coast in Sardinia, Italy …
And you, what are your favourite islands?
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