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Have you been to Dunster Castle?

Dunster Castle is located in the little village of Dunster in Somerset, England.
This castle was owned by the same family, the Luttrells, for over 600 years and nowadays, with the care of National Trust, it still well maintained and conserved.
Dunster Castle, England Dunster Castle, EnglandYou can easily spend a day in the area because the castle is quite large and the gardens are fantastic, and there is plenty to explore.
Inside Dunster Castle, EnglandDunster Castle Gardens, EnglandThe views are gorgeous, and on a bright day, Bristol Channel can be seen.
Views from Dunster CastleOn the grounds of the castle, there is a watermill that still operates and produces flour. We bought a wholemeal flour, and I can guarantee you that is good quality and it bakes a delicious loaf.

Dunster Watermill, EnglandThe Dunster village is so charming, and you have to walk around, visit the quaint shops and cafes and enjoy this place where the time stood still.

There are two ways to get to the castle: from the car park, there is a very steep walk up, although from what I’ve heard there is a minibus drop off at the top. Or, you can go throughout the watermill, but it is further away.

Prices: Adult £9.50 (or £10.60 with donation) and Children £4.70 (£5.30 with donation). Car park charge of £5.
Values verified in November 2019.

Dunster Village, EnglandTo read and know more about the history of this beautiful castle, visit Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunster_Castle.

Have a lovely day in this amazing place!!

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