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Dubai tourist attractions – Part 3

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So far I have shared with you some reviews about the best tourist attractions in Dubai, like the Dubai Mall, the Madinat Souk and many more.
Today, in my last post, I’m going to describe a few more places and tell you how the desert safari was. Let’s check it out!

Dubai Marina is a prominent and modern district located in the heart of Dubai and it is considered one of the most luxurious marinas in the world, with large yachts and boats of the millionaires anchored. It’s known for its impressive man-made canal city that features a stunning waterfront, high-rise buildings, luxury yachts, and a vibrant urban lifestyle.

The Walk at JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence) is the first outdoor shopping and dining promenade in Dubai. It’s lovely to walk at the road or to seat in a coffee shop and just enjoy a beautiful view. I really enjoyed this area.
There is a few car parking and further away from the Marina and it’s cheaper, of course.

JBR, DubaiIn front of JBR, there is another beachside walkway called “The Beach” with loads of shops and great restaurants. This area gets quite busy in the evenings, and it is a delightful place for a night out.

Now, one thing that is a must and you have to do it, is the safari tour. It’s amazing and really fun (or a bit scary if you are afraid of adventures).

Safari + desert dinner
After you book the tour (in advance), they will pick you up at the hotel (usually at 3 – 4pm), and they drive for around 40 minutes to get into the desert.
There, they wait for all the others 4×4 cars and after a while, the bash dune starts. It is recommended not to overeat before, to prevent to get sick. After around 30 minutes of dune bashing, all the cars go to this place where they serve BBQ dinner.
In there it is possible to do sand ski, ride camels, smoke hookah pipes, wear traditional Arabian clothes to compose photographs and do the henna tattoo, besides watching the belly dance presentation.
The tour has a total of 6hrs of duration and an average cost of AED 250 per person (£50; R$200).
Tip: each hotel indicates a different tour company, and some are better than others. Feel free to choose any group you like it.

Of course, there are many more places to visit it, but those are the ones I’ve had time to go and spend quality time.

If you have more tips about nice things to see in Dubai, please share with us and more people can enjoy it as well.

I hope you have a trip as pleasant as mine and that you are able to enjoy each moment.
And, feel free to ask me anything about these places and I’ll help you the best way I can. Xxx

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