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Costa Smeralda Beaches in Sardinia, Italy – Part 2

The beaches of Costa Smeralda on the island of Sardinia are incredible and one of the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen here in Europe.

As I mentioned in this post here, we stayed 11 days, and it was possible to explore several beaches, such as Baja Sardinia, Pevero, Porto Cervo and many others, which I mentioned in this post here.

Now, continuing the description of the beaches on the Costa Smeralda, I will write a little about Sppiagia del Principe, Liscia Ruja, Romazzino and several others.

I also created a map for you to locate yourself on the beaches that I will write below. Just click here: https://goo.gl/maps/5barm49nu5eur8eMA

Cala Liccia

It is one of the only beaches where dogs are allowed. To get there, you need to do a short walk on a dirt trail.
The crystal clear turquoise waters between the rocks make the place very attractive.

When we were there, it was practically empty, and people say that even at the peak of summer, it is not crowded like the other beaches nearby.

Cala Liccia

Spiaggia del Romazzino

Perhaps it is not the most beautiful beach on the Costa Smeralda compared to Pevero, Príncipe, Liscia Ruja and Capriccioli, but it is worth visiting!

Its beach has fine white sand, and its shallow waters make it a suitable place for families with young children.
There are no facilities, so you will have to take everything you need.

Romazzino, Costa Smeralda Beaches

Piccolo Romazzino

It is located between Romazzino and Spiaggia del Principe, and although I didn’t go there, I saw pictures, and it seems to be more beautiful than Romazzino.

The small beach opens into a cove framed by Mediterranean vegetation and the plants of the private gardens around it. The turquoise sea and picturesque landscapes is an excellent place to enjoy your holiday.

Spiaggia Del Principe

Spiaggia Del Principe is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the Costa Smeralda. The beach has white sand, with clear water and turquoise tone that are breathtakingly beautiful.

Spiaggia del Principe

It is located near Cala di Volpe, between the beach of Romazzino and Capriccioli. To get there, after parking the car, you need to walk for 10-minutes between the vegetation and the rocks, therefore, not accessible for a wheelchair or buggies.

It is an excellent place to practice snorkelling due to the rocks nearby and also great for families, as its waters are shallow.
It has no restaurant, just a small bar for snacks and drinks. But being one of the most famous, it is crowded in July and August.

TIP: to have a panoramic view of the beach, climb the rocks on the side. The view is terrific!

Spiaggia del Principe, Costa Smeralda Beaches
Spiaggia del Principe


It was one of the beaches that I loved as it is beautiful, but the one that was most crowded despite being June. So much that we didn’t stay long in it.
It is easy to reach and is a favourite destination for families and tourists, mainly Germans.


Capriccioli has three beaches: the east coast has shallow waters and is an ideal location for families with children.

Separated by blocks of pink granite, the other side of the Capriccioli coast extends to the west, consisting of the other two beaches. The first is known as ‘Il Pirata’ and has a small pier where you can rent boats, etc.

A little further on, at the extreme tip of the peninsula, there is the second beach, also known as “Delle Tartarughe”, where sea turtles lay their eggs.

La Celvia

We ended up not visiting this beach, but from what I heard it is beautiful, so I will write it down here, in case you have time to go.
La Celvia is a sandy beach with pink tones due to the small fragments of shells and residues of rose quartz contained in it.
Its waters are clear, turquoise and surrounded by rocks. It is one of the favourite beaches for those who like diving and snorkelling.
The beach is more structured, so it has a bar, restaurant and you can rent sunbeds and parasols.

Li Itriceddi

It is a gorgeous beach, with a view of Cappricioli and Isola Soffi.
Its sand is golden – sometimes with a touch of pink – and its waters are clear, with the same shade of blue that the beaches of the Costa Smeralda have.

Beach loungers and parasols are available to rent, and there is a parking area 200 meters behind the beach.
It is suitable for snorkelling and exploring the nearby reefs.

Li Itriceddi
Li Itriceddi

Liscia Ruja

Liscia Ruja is quite long and wide, making it ideal for long walks. So it is easier to find a place to stay on it, even in high season.
The sand is white, fine, and the water is incredibly clear blue.

Liscia Ruja faces east, offering a beautiful view of the islands Soffi and Mortorio.
It is more developed and has sun-beds and parasols for rent, as well as a bar and restaurant.

Liscia Ruja
Liscia Ruja

As you can see, the beaches of the Costa Smeralda are stunning and if you have the opportunity, try to stay on the island for at least one week. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Also check out the beaches between Cannigione and Palau, in this post here or the beaches between Baja Sardinia e Porto Cervo here.
And, if you want to visit the beaches of Northern Sardinia, I wrote a post here.

Have a lovely holiday and don’t forget to tell me how your experience was over there!

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