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Which are the best flight search engines?

This is the question that begs to be answered: where to find flight tickets for the best price? Which are the best flight search engines? And the best answer I can give you is: I do not know, and if you know, please tell us;)
I say this because the reality is that there is no rule, there is no specific website or agency that has the best values.
What you can have is a little bit of luck, patience and a few tricks that I’ll tell you about in a future post.
Today we are going to talk about the sites and the tools that you can use to try finding a ticket with a value that fits in your pocket.
When I start my hunt, I use mainly 3 comparison sites (remember I’m in England):
www.skyscanner.net – incorporates other countries
www.cheapflights.co.uk – which is available in some other countries as well
www.google.co.uk – our old “friend”
These three are comparison sites and will give you the best ticket values at agencies and airlines.
You will then ask me: but if all three are comparison sites, why compare between them, if one will already do the task?
That’s the trick, several times, they have different values for the same agencies and airlines. Very smart!
Both Skyscanner and Cheapflights, you can save an alert, which will notify you when the tickets for the day and destination, are lowering or increasing. This is good when you do not have to buy exactly that day.
Remember that values can increase and decrease day by day.
Explaining a bit about how you do the research:
1. Insert the place of origin and the place of destination and click if you want it to be a return ticket or a one-way ticket;
2. Select the date you’d like to go. You also have a choice to let the website know if your dates are flexible or not – at this point, Skyscanner and Google are better because in both you can change the dates in the top bar, making more manageable for you to see day by day. Google even has charts that show which days tickets are cheaper or more expensive;
3. After clicking on the site to do the research, you can filter the choices: schedules, flight time, with or without stopover, etc.
Skyscanner and GoogleCheapflights search engineThese tools are great because they give you a good idea of how much each ticket is costing according to your needs.
I hope somehow, I may have helped you, after all, many readers are still learning and have no idea how and where to start researching for flight tickets.
Some suggestion for my readers in Brazil, you can have a look at these flight search engines:
www.expedia.com.br – only for airlines, not travel agencies.
If you have any more suggestions, please do not hesitate to share with us.
Have a nice day!
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  • I really like kiwi.com for low cost flights in Europe. You can select multiple destinations and multiple days which makes it very easy. But I’ll look it up through them and buy then directly at the low cost company site.