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Which are the best flight search engines?

Are you wondering where to find the best-priced flight tickets? Which flight search engines are the top choices? Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. I say this because the reality is that there is no rule, there is no specific website or agency that has the best values.
But what you can do is to have a little bit of luck, patience and a few tricks that I’ll let you know on this article.

So today, let’s focus on the websites and tools you can use to find pocket-friendly tickets. When I embark on my hunt, I primarily rely on three comparison sites (keeping in mind I’m based in England):

www.skyscanner.net – It covers multiple countries.
www.cheapflights.co.uk – Also available in select countries.
www.google.co.uk – Our trusted old companion.

These three platforms compare ticket prices across various agencies and airlines, providing the best options. You might wonder why compare all three if they serve the same purpose. The trick is that sometimes – and I’m not sure why – they display different prices for the same flights.

Skyscanner and Cheapflights allow you to set up alerts, so you’ll be notified when ticket prices for your desired destination and date drop or rise. This feature is handy if you’re flexible with your purchase date. Remember, ticket prices can fluctuate from day to day.

Explaining a bit about how you do the research:
1. Enter your departure and destination cities. Specify whether you need a round-trip or one-way ticket.
2. Choose your preferred travel date. Some websites, like Skyscanner and Google, even let you explore flexible dates by adjusting the top bar. Google provides charts indicating cheaper or more expensive days to fly.
3. Once you initiate the search, you can filter the results based on criteria such as schedules, flight duration, layovers, and more.

Skyscanner and GoogleCheapflights search engineThese tools are fantastic because they give you a clear idea of the cost for each ticket, tailored to your specific requirements.
I hope I’ve managed to assist you in some way. After all, many readers are still learning and uncertain about where and how to start their flight ticket research.
Some suggestion for my readers in Brazil, you can have a look at these flight search engines:
www.expedia.com.br – only for airlines, not travel agencies.
If you have any additional suggestions, feel free to share them with us. Have a wonderful day!
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  • I really like kiwi.com for low cost flights in Europe. You can select multiple destinations and multiple days which makes it very easy. But I’ll look it up through them and buy then directly at the low cost company site.