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The beaches in South East Zakynthos, Greece

From the beautiful South beaches, you can drive to the South-Eastern part of Zakynthos where you will find more tranquil and less crowded beaches.
Here is a list of some of these beaches that I’ve been to.
Vassilikos is more an area in the South of Zante. It’s quite unspoilt and considered one of the best beaches on the island.
The most popular beaches of this area are Agio Nikolaos, Porto Zoro, Porto Kaminia, Banana Beach, Porto Roma and Gerakas. A car is essential to explore this region, but be careful as there are not many road signs to go there, ok? 
Agios Nikolaos is one of the most popular beaches in the Vasilikos region. It is a small bay with shallow water. Perfect in a windy day, as it’s protected and you won’t have the sand on your face. The beach is great if you are looking for entertainment as there are a few beach bars and restaurants, as well as some kinds of water sports. It is beautiful but, in my opinion, not like the other beaches on the island.
Agios Nikolaos, Zakynthos, GreeceTIP: the namе shоuld nοt bе сonfused with the pоrt οf Agios Nikоlaοs on thе Nоrth cοast of the islаnd. 

Porto Azzuro or Zoro was one of my favourite ones. It has incredible scenery and the beach is lovely with clear blue waters and sandy beach surrounded by lush vegetation and large rocks. Amenities are provided such as parasols and sun-beds if you want to rent it. But if you go towards the rocks, there is an area not occupied with sun-beds and you can lay there.
From what I’ve heard, this beach “has been discovered” and now gets packed during the summer. That’s a shame! 
Porto Azzuro, Zakynthos, Greece

Banana Beach: if you drive 5 minutes from Porto Azzuro you’ll find the longest beach on the island. The water here is shallow and crystal clear with incredible blue tone. There are beach bars, water-sports and other amenities. Most people say that this beach rarely has sea breezes so it can get hot, but I found that in July there is a nice breeze and it’s quite pleasant. It is easy to reach, and there is plenty of parking space in the area. 
Banana, Zakynthos, Greece

Porto Roma is a virgin, undeveloped spot and not as sandy as some other beaches. It’s ideal for those seeking tranquillity and relaxation. Never too crowded, even though it is a relatively small beach. There is also a bar and some taverns nearby. 
Porto Roma, Zakynthos, Greece

Dafni: access to the beach itself is by a rough off-road track. It is part of the National Marine Park and the sea turtle Caretta-Caretta lays its eggs. It is preserved, so there are no water sports, some places are prohibited for the visitants to access and it is always closed between sunset and sunrise.
We talked to the people who work at the restaurant and they allowed us to stay with them in the evening to try and see the turtles coming from the sea. We waited in almost total darkness apart from the moon and some spotlights that the people who work with the National Park have it. Unfortunately, no turtle had appeared until we left. That is a shame though!
Dafni, Zakynthos, Greece

Gerakas is also a protected area where tourist development has been restrained as is the nesting ground for the loggerhead turtle Caretta Caretta. The beach is beautiful with shallow turquoise waters blended with the golden sand and surrounded by rocks. There are no water-sports or bars on the beach.
Gerakas, Zakynthos, Greece

Porto Kaminia is situated between Argassi and Vassilikos, it has crystal water and shallow waters making it suitable for families with children. Not so many tourists, so it offers a quiet and calm atmosphere. There are a beach bar and a tavern for you to enjoy it.
Porto Kaminia, Zakynthos, Greece

There is no doubt that Zakynthos, or Zante, is a phenomenal place with beaches for all the different tastes. Just find the one more suitable for you and your family or friends and enjoy.
And don’t forget to read my post about the beaches from the other parts of this island, like ones in the North, East and West.
Enjoy your summer!!!
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