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Hello everybody…

I am from São Bento do Sul, a very charming little town in the countryside of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

About Butterandfly

In June of 2004, I came to live in London, England and I viewed my life changing entirely and with that change, grew my passion for travelling, to get to know new places, to learn new cultures and to try unique culinary.

Over the years and gaining more travel experience, some friends started asking me for tips and wanted me to help them with their travel planning.

The idea of the blog was growing as I have written almost everything about my travels, but for some years I did not put into practice. I had no idea where to start it and did not even have much courage. What if no one wants to read it?

However, I believe I must share everything I have learned and maybe help you to plan a wonderful holiday. So, here is how I begin my journey of being able to help you and learn along the way.

I hope you like it and enjoy it!

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